Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 arrives on October 25th

Pluralism / Jun 09, 2024 - Source: theverge

The next major Call of Duty game is coming in October.

Xbox Games Showcase 2024: all the news, trailers, and ...

Pluralism / Jun 09, 2024 - Source: theverge

Microsoft's big Xbox summer showcase is here.

How to watch the Summer Game Fest 2024

Pluralism / Jun 07, 2024 - Source: theverge

The Summer Game Fest kicks off on Friday, June 7th, at 5PM ET, and we're expecting to see a bunch of new game trailers and

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan wants AI clones in meetings

Pluralism / Jun 03, 2024 - Source: theverge

Zoom founder Eric Yuan on AI-powered “digital twins,” taking on Microsoft and Google, and the future of remote work,

Transformers One trailer turns Cyberton's greatest warriors into teens

Pluralism / Apr 18, 2024 - Source: theverge

Set in the distant past on the Cybertronian homeworld, Transformers One tells the story of how Orion Pax / Optimus Prime (Chris

Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 2 brings Greek gods to the battle royale

Pluralism / Mar 08, 2024 - Source: theverge

In Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 2, the battle royale introduces a number of new characters, locations, and weapons based on Greek

Pokémon Legends: Z-A teased for 2025 release

Pluralism / Feb 27, 2024 - Source: theverge

It's being developed by Game Freak.

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree trailer is full of new ways to die

Pluralism / Feb 21, 2024 - Source: theverge

Nearly two years after the release of Elden Ring, the expansion for the game, Shadow of the Erdtree, now has an official releas

X is being flooded with graphic Taylor Swift AI images

Pluralism / Jan 25, 2024 - Source: theverge

Fake sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift have been circulating on X over the last day in the latest example of the prolife

How to transfer ownership of a Google Drive folder or file

Pluralism / Jan 02, 2024 - Source: theverge

If you want to move a Google Drive file or folder to another account, you can switch the ownership.