What is Donald Trump's net worth?

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GOP contenders, with the notable exception of Donald Trump, are meeting in Wisconsin on Wednesday for their first public showdo

Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole addresses 'embarrassment ...

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Kelce, who is currently rumoured to be dating the 'Anti-Hero' singer, was in a five-year on-again, off-again relationsh

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The sight of the unexpected celebrity twosome kissing at a Beyoncé concert has led to an online narrative that claims the pair

What is eclampsia and how rare is it?

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The condition eclampsia describes the type of convulsion or fit – an involuntary contraction of the muscles – pregnant women ca

People are comparing The Handmaid's Tale to real life, following ...

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The ban could potentially force women and girls to carry pregnancies to term, since the court's conversative supermajority

Diana Ross closes Platinum Party urging crowd to thank the Queen ...

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The special concert was held at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's 70-year reign.

Montpellier vs PSG LIVE: Ligue 1 result, final score and reaction

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Paris Saint-Germain are the box-office draw of the French top flight with some of the world's very best players including L

Kelly Ernby death: Republican DA who fought California vaccine ...

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Kelly Ernby, the deputy district attorney of Orange County and a presumptive state Assembly candidate in 2022, died shortly aft

David Foster sparks backlash after praising Katharine McPhee's ...

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'Do you have any idea how problematic this caption is?' one person asks.

Villarreal vs Barcelona live stream: How to watch LaLiga fixture ...

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All you need to know ahead of the big match in Spain on Saturday.